Abbreviation Key

I’ve just added a page that lists all the genre abbreviations I’ll be using here!  Hopefully, it won’t be confusing.  I may end up adding more, but these are all the ones I’ve thought of so far.  I use these in my reading journal and thought I might as well use them on here, as well.  Here they is:

B – Biography/Memoir

C – Contemporary

CF – Christian Fiction

CH – Children’s

CR – Contemporary Romance

D – Drama

EJL – Essays, Journals, Letters

GN – Graphic Novel

LFM – Legend, Folklore, Myth

H – Humor

HF – Historical Fiction

HR – Historical Romance

IT – In Translation

M – Mystery

NF – Nonfiction

P – Poetry

PH – Philosophy

PL – Politics

R – Romance

RT – Retellings

S – Science

SFF – Science Fiction/Fantasy

SS – Short Stories

T – Travel

W – War

YA – Young Adult